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You understand that the results of the Smart Tools calculators are entirely based on your understanding, perception and discernment of the applicability of responses with respect to the questions posed. You understand that your choice of response selected for a particular question depends on your subjective assessment that may or may not be accurate. You further understand that the response options put forth in the Smart Tools calculator are limited to only those number of options presented therein, and that there may be possible and appropriate responses that have not been presented owing to limitations in the Smart Tools calculators’ module. You also agree that there may be certain assumptions implicit in Smart Tools calculators’ module due to which the results may not always be accurate or relevant to you.

You understand that the results of the Smart Tools calculators are extremely generalized and broad to help you figure out your own investment philosophy or give indications as to what your savings/investments will look like in the future. The calculators are meant to be educational and indicative of your general financial mindset. They do not constitute investment or financial advice to any person. You shall not use the results obtained from any Smart Tools calculator as a basis to make any financial decision. You are strongly encouraged to seek independent professional advice for accurate and tailored financial advice specific to your situation.

You understand that Religare Corporate Services Limited (“RCSL”) or its group companies owe no liability to you in any matter arising out of your use of the Smart Tools calculator. You expressly agree that neither RCSL nor its group companies and employees accept any liability for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of the use of, or reliance on, the information provided in Smart Tools calculators including, without limitation, any loss of profit or other damage, direct or consequential.

Further, you are solely responsible for advising anyone else based on the results of the Smart Tools. RCSL or its group companies owes no responsibility for any advice conveyed by you to such person and/or in the event of such person following the advice given by you.

You acknowledge that RCSL or its group companies may at its absolute discretion alter, withdraw, modify or make any change in the Smart Tools module, and any part thereof, including but not limited to the manner and the form in which Smart Tools may be made available to you at any point of time.

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